Monday, October 1, 2012


Numerology is about how numbers and letters can effect you life in both negative and positives ways.
The letters of your name, your birthday, the name of the road you live on, your house number, every single thing can affect you, and tell something about who and how you are as a person.

I first heard about numerology a couple of years back when my friend told me about some people she knew, who had changed their names, by going to a numerologist. 

But I was like, yeah right, like changing you name is gonna help. 
But not that many days ago, I found something that caught my interrest. A website with numerologists.
It was amazing all I had to do was to write my name and birthday on the site and I soon I received a mail, with a so accurate writing about me.

Some people believe in it others don't. But I think it is amazing.

What do you think? 

Clicik here if you want a free sample to try it out. 

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